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Dr Shammi Theesan

Leading Australian dermatologist, Dr Shammi Theesan, invites you to ODE Dermatology. A premier destination for medical and aesthetic dermatology, her specialist knowledge is expertly wielded to treat skin disorders, hair loss, and nail abnormalities. This mastery of the skin lends to her brilliance in non-surgical aesthetics procedures, further elevated by her research studies in genetics and anti-ageing.

Dr Shammi Theesan


Growing up as the daughter of two holistically inclined GPs, Dr Shammi Theesan was practicing wellness long before it became popular. “My mother was always advocating the importance of vitamin D alongside sun protection,” she recalls. “And our Indian heritage meant my diet was filled with beneficial ingredients like turmeric and cumin, laden with powerful bioactive compounds.”

It was this background, alongside an appreciation for the aesthetic, that led Dr Shammi into dermatology. “I’ve always been fascinated by the skin – it’s the largest organ in our body, and one of the last frontiers in medicine where you can actually diagnose a condition just by looking at it,” she says. “I remember during medical school, a professor examined a rash and deduced the patient might have an underlying cancer, which she did.”

Dr Shammi graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Science as well as a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. She was then offered a place at the prestigious Harvard University to undertake a year of research on genetics and epigenetics. Upon her acceptance as a member of the Fellow of the Australasian College of Dermatologists, Dr Shammi honed her specialist skills across several centres of medical excellence including The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Skin and Cancer Foundation, Box Hill Hospital, Western Hospital, and at the Skin Health Institute (a tertiary referral dermatology centre) in their Biologics, Psoriasis and Nail Clinic. She also spent two years of her training at St George’s Hospital in London.

Along with amassing a wealth of experience, Dr Shammi was drawn to four areas of dermatology:

  1. Epigenetics, which explores how our genes can be affected by environment and behaviour, and ways to influence these factors to address skin ageing.
  2. Melanoma, early detection, and management of metastatic melanoma – a type of skin cancer that aggressively spreads to other sites of the body.
  3. The dermatological side effects of oncology (cancer) treatments, effectively managing them to help patients extend their therapies for a greater chance of success.
  4. Hair loss and regrowth, which is Dr Shammi’s sub-speciality. “Hair is an extension of our skin, and if you were to start losing bits of skin, you would be troubled – it’s the same with our hair,” she explains. “I treat conditions, such as alopecia areata, female hair loss and male pattern baldness, with multiple modalities, from serums and tablets that aid growth, to laser therapy and stem cell injections.”

Since then, Dr Shammi has fortified her place at the forefront of dermatology. Her interest lies in not just fixing the skin but enhancing it. Transcending a purely pharmaceutical approach, she utilises the spectra of options including laser treatment, injectables, radiofrequency, ultrasound, and light therapy.

This unique combination of world-class medical training, wellness practices, and patient compassion has shaped Dr Shammi’s philosophy that health and beauty are inextricably linked. “Patients often see clinicians who treat a medical condition but miss the art of aesthetics. Or they may focus purely on aesthetics but miss the pre-existing medical condition,” she notes.

An expert in both is paramount, which led her to found ODE Dermatology, Australia’s premiere destination for medical and aesthetic dermatology. Synergising modern medicine, cutting-edge technology and holistic self-care, Dr Shammi is revolutionising dermatology with her diagnostic acumen, thought leadership and innovation.

Her warm persona, and natural ability to convey complex medical information, see Dr Shammi regularly called upon by the media as a trusted authority. This includes Vogue, Marie Claire, The Age, The Australian, The Guardian, ABC, Channel 9 and Channel 10 amongst many others.

With a keen interest also in skincare and beauty formulations, no issue is too small or trivial for Dr Shammi to treat. “You can see me to get treated for basal cell carcinoma or an immune-mediated skin condition,” she says. “You can also see me for enlarged pores, pigmentation or to reinvigorate dull-looking and tired skin. It may also be a consult on skincare for the best products and actives for skin – I’m truly interested and invested in it all,” because “looking after your skin today is an ode to your present self and a plan for your best future.”


In June 2021, Dr Shammi Theesan unveiled ODE Dermatology, her contemporary new clinic located in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Dr Shammi is no longer practicing at Clifton Hill Dermatology, Fairfield Dermatology and Sinclair Dermatology (East Melbourne).