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How to wash your face

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How to wash your face

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By Nicole Economos 

From antioxidants to zinc, it seems we are investing more energy and money into our skin than ever before, but many of us aren’t dedicating enough time to the first cornerstone of our routine: cleansing.

Melbourne-based dermatologist Dr Shyamalar Gunatheesan agrees cleansing is arguably the most important step, but says duration isn’t necessarily key, rather she recommends focusing on the quality of your cleansing method.

The case for the two-minute cleanse

Try cleansing in the shower (being careful the water isn’t too hot) or playing your favourite song to pass the time.

As with all new routines, it’s important to monitor your skin’s reaction.

“If your skin is not responding positively to the two-minute cleanse fairly instantly, then pull back on time, pressure and frequency.

Your skin may need to build up over time, or find another technique.”

What about over cleansing?

Dr Gunatheesan warns that cleansing too much can lead to increased sebum or oil production.

She recommends only cleansing at night, and splashing the face with water in the morning followed by actives such as niacinamides, vitamin c and antioxidants that help to act “synergistically” with any night-time actives you may be using.

Before adding additional products like serum or exfoliator to your skincare routine, she suggests getting your cleanser, moisturiser and SPF right.

Technique, temperature and tools

Your own (sterilised) fingers paired with a skin-type appropriate cleanser are the best tools when it comes to cleansing your face.

As for the duration? Whether you choose a 30-second or two-minute cleanse, be sure to monitor how your skin reacts – everyone is different, and you want to avoid over cleansing.

Water temperature should be warm to ensure you are loosening daily grime by opening your pores, and not inflaming and dehydrating the skin, particularly if you have rosacea and acne concerns.

After you have dabbed your face with a clean towel, move on to your other skincare products.


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