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How to choose the best dermatologist for eye rejuvenation in Melbourne

The eyes are a delicate area. Therefore, your treatment should always be performed by an expert. Trained dermatologists at our Melbourne clinic are experts in their field and will help you to achieve the results you desire. Whether you are seeking upper- or under-eye rejuvenation, our services leave patients with smoother skin and a more confident outlook. Learn more about how we can help you reach your goals by speaking to one of our experts.

Who is a good candidate for eye rejuvenation?

Our eye rejuvenation treatments can be ideal for a wide range of patients. It can be a great option for older people who want to tighten the skin around their eyes without having surgery. If you are concerned about sagging skin, hollowing, or dark circles around the eyes, you may be a good candidate.

In order to make sure you are suitable, you will need to speak with one of our trained experts. During the in-depth discussion, you will be able to raise concerns about your skin condition. In addition, it is also best to establish what you hope to get out of the treatment. It is important to discuss any history of medical conditions or current medications. This will ensure the best approach is taken for your health. After this, your clinician will be able to advise an ideal eye rejuvenation treatment for you. Good candidates are those who are aware of the risks and benefits of their desired treatment.


Treatment types

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